Hey GJ!

So GJ and Western Colorado what do ya think? 

Your very own Classified Ad Website... Yea or Nea?


 I realize that Grand Junction have plenty of classified ad sites to go around, such as:

Not to mention Craigslist, Backpage, Ebay, plus countless of Facebook groups.   

So, how is this site different from the others?

  • All ads you post are free
  • You can upload 30 images & up to 3000 characters per ad
  • Post & renew your ads as many times as you'd like  
  • No Hangups - Feel free to Advertise & Promote whatever you like ( just no porn links, please. due to security & safety assurance )
  • Regional social forums & online community


But, the biggest overall difference is that Grand Junction is my hometown, and very special to me personally. And this is my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much! 


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